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Drizzler Jacket

Drizzler Jacket

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Both the seersucker and organic cotton fabrics are light and comfortable to wear and feel good against the skin. The back yoke is ventilated. It is easy to add, but God is in the stopping point of adding and subtracting. Easy-to-understanding three-dimensional pockets, do you need that many?


【Seersucker】70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
【Check】 100% Organic Cotton

Made In Japan

[Size Chart]
Small: 着丈60cm / 身幅59cm / 袖丈56cm / 肩幅53cm
Medium: 着丈64cm / 身幅62cm / 袖丈57cm / 肩幅55cm
Large: 着丈68cm / 身幅65cm / 袖丈58cm / 肩幅58cm
XLarge: 着丈70cm / 身幅69cm / 袖丈60cm / 肩幅61cm


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